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Wedding Information Page

We enjoy doing weddings, and we take a lot of pride in our work. We never, ever try to sell you on the more expensive options, and if we have an idea that will give you the same "look" you're going for, but save you some expense, we tell you that too. Delivery is always listed separately, and is charged according to the estimated time required for delivery and set-up. We pretty much limit delivery to Carroll County and areas west. We don't mind traveling to Boonsboro and Middletown (Stone Manor Inn) for instance. It's a pretty drive.

However, we do not deliver into Baltimore City, or Martin's on Security Blvd.

We do not spray, dip or tint flowers.

Like most florists, we can only take a certain number of weddings for each week, so be sure to book well in advance (whether with us or someone else) especially for the months of May, June, September and October.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide wedding flowers at Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or the month of December. If you have someone that can assemble your bouquets, corsages and whatnot for you, we are happy to sell you flowers in bulk. Also, there are other florists that we heartily recommend if we cannot accomodate you.

Something else to remember is that many times, the flowers featured in bridal magazines and planners are either not readily available, are quite delicate/prone to wilting, or are tremendously expensive. Sometimes all three. That being said, we really encourage you to bring in plenty of pictures of things that strike your fancy because it gives us a good feel for the type of look you're going for. If you see a picture on this site or any other that you like, by all means print it out and bring it in, or just email it to me. If certain flowers are very delicate, we'll advise you of that too. Our goal is to make your wedding day as worry free as possible.

Some flowers are seasonable, some are very seasonal. There are times where although we have ordered well in advance, by the time the week of the wedding gets here, the flowers are either not available, or not good. It doesn't happen often, however it does happen. And hydrangea is usually fine, but it can - and will - wilt in the heat of the day if you're having an outside wedding. Doesn't happen all the time, or even often, but it can indeed happen.

One last thing. Too often we see the person that is paying for the flowers try to insist on getting what they want, instead of what the bride wants. Very seldom is the cost that much different. In fact, what the bride wants is quite often less expensive than what the payer wants. Regardless, it is the bride's wedding. Just something to keep in mind, something to keep feathers from getting ruffled on what should be a great day.

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Links that you might find useful. These are folks that we have worked with and can recommend with no reservations . You'll notice there are more than one of each. That's because we know you'll be happy with whoever you choose. We have excellent working relations with all these folks, have seen (or tasted) their work and product, and have gotten or heard many many good comments about them. By no means are we suggesting these are the only good vendors, just that we know these people, work with them a lot, and think highly of them too.

  • Wooden Centerpiece Boxes If you're looking for something a little different for containers, give these nice folks a try. Their stuff looks beautiful.

  • Michael Koontz Photography
    I've watched Mike in action, and was impressed. Also, you get a full proofs book and your DVD with all photos taken that day, included in his basic price. Plus he has many cool guitars that I covet.

  • Desiree Stover Photography We have watched her grow up, we know her parents well, and she does fantastic work.

  • Jenna Michele is another young lady whose wedding we did, and she - like all the best people - has a passion for what she does.

  • Christina Martin Photographer
    She did Joanna's wedding and the results were also excellent, simply beautiful.

  • Just Desserts by Linda
    Linda goes above and beyond; we love working with her!
    And her cakes are really good too! (and she brings us free samples)

  • Starry Night Bakery (and coffeehouse) does a great job too. I have gained (yet more) weight since moving next door. We enjoy working with both Linda and Shannon (Starry Night owner). They both love what they do and it shows!

  • Emory Grove Homestead in Glyndon, Md. (added 5/14/2011)
    Built as a hotel in 1887, this place is just cool! Visit their website, and visit them personally. I came back from a delivery and added the link!

  • Serra Valley Farm One of my favorite places

  • Roop's Mill

  • Gettysburg Wyndham Hotel

  • Jammin' Jason Hoffman does dj'ing for parties, weddings, and can be found at various "houses of ill repute" across Carroll County. I personally have not seen him in action, but I have heard many good reviews, so I'm tucking his link in here as well.

  • Dreamer's Travel
    If you're looking for great deals on honeymoon cruises, or resort destinations, try these people. They are customers of ours (we did their wedding too) and really great people. Helpful, honest, and knowledgeable.

  • Country View Tuxedo is another company we've heard great things about.

  • All In Favors
    If you need ideas for favors, or someone to put it all together try Jen!

  • Dreamers Event Rentals is the son of the folks at Dreamers Travel. He's got Mark's work ethic and integrity, so you won't be disappointed!

  • The Spa at Roop's Mill Hair, nails, massages.... whatever you need, they'll make your day!

  • The Yellow Turtle Inn , located in scenic New Windsor, is a beautiful place for smaller, more intimate gatherings. My wife and I took a weekend there and loved it.

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